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Hi All,

I have a question about TRACEABILITY.

Scenario like this : Create Prod Order to make item 123 (as finished good/FG), qty : 2. For this 2 FG, i give them serial number are FG-00174 & FG-00175.

Prod BOM to make item 123 is item ABC, qty : 1. This item ABC i give them serial number too, and when i see stock at warehouse, i got 2 item ABC which one have serial number RM-0001 and one have serial number RM-0002.

Then, do consumption journal and do Output Journal with full qty.

Finally, i go to modul Manufacturing | History | Item Tracing to track item 123. I fill this menu with this criteria :
Field Serial No filter : FG-00174
Show Components : All
Trace Method : Usage --> Origin

then NAV show us : all the consumption, 1 RM-0001 and 1 RM-0002.

My question is : how can i do tracking if i want to know if item 123 which have serial : FG-00174 use 1 RM-0001? because depend on my information above, NAV show us all the consumption in one Prod Order, so when you want to tracking item FG by detail, u don't know exactly, but u assumed.

My client don't want to traceability like this. They want more detail which i mentioned above.

I have one solution now to make traceability that my client want to, and the solution is every Prod Order must have qty : 1. After we discuss about this, they think it not possible if one Prod Order must only have qty 1.

any advice for you guys for this issue?



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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Or you need to create one prod. order line per serial no. Or you can "extend" your tracking. It depends on the process how the consumption and output are posted. You can save the correct values into new table (like which serial no. was used for which output serial no.), and than you can extend the tracing with this (when searching for consumption entries for some output, you will take only the correct one). It is not hard... ;-)
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    dede_aja_tuhdede_aja_tuh Member Posts: 39
    Thanks for your information and advice Kamil.

    Finally, i decide to make little modification about this issue. With this modification the client will fill the Lot or Serial number which really used to make output item.

    but many thanks for you Kamil.

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