db_owner cannot add superuser role

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Hello all,

I have had this issue twice now and don't know why it is happening for just this specific DB. In essence, I have a Template DB A and Template DB B on the same SQL server. I back them up using NAV and create a new DB using NAV, DB A and DB B and restore these backups with the same create setups, simple recovery and standard security model since they are testing DB's.

Everything works great for DB A

But, DB B gives me trouble all the time:

-- Problem1 I add my user name in NAV and hit synchronize, everything seems ok but when I try to add Super role.. it gives me an error "you do not have permission to create '0' table. Contact system administrator", I am not sure why I get this error, license is good as well.
-- Problem 2 and the weirdest thing is that my name shows up in SQL Server --> Security --> Logins. When I go to user mapping I see that DB B is checked and I am db_owner, but when I go to the SQL Server --> Databases --> Template DB B --> Security --> Users, I don't see my name ?????

Note: The schema shows as "dbo" for DB B, but not sure if that matters, because I am db_owner and sysadmin on the SQL server, but is "<domain name>/<username>" for DB A, i don't think that matters but just wanted to add that info as well.

Any suggestions and help


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