Adding fields to an existing report

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Situation; NAV 2009 R2 and VS 2008 installed. Modifying a report for the RTC. I am halfway of modifying report 206 Sales - Invoice.
Now I need to add an extra field to the report which is not present in the dataset and this is the procedure I would like to follow not (yet) knowing if this procedure could mess-up everything.

In Classic, design and then layout, which opens VS
Going to the report.xsd
Add column and type in the extra field needed; Sales_Invoice_Header___Customer_Order_No.
Save the report.xsd and the .rdlc (save all) and close VS 2008
In the Classic save the changes and compile the report
Open design and layout again, which opens VS again and the extra field is available and can be used in the .rdlc

Can someone confirm that the procedure I would like to follow is correct and workable and/or has someone have additional remarks I have to take into account.


  • ShedmanShedman Member Posts: 194
    I believe you have to add the field in the classic section part of the field and assign a DataSetFieldName to it, to be able to use it in your VS layout.
  • impetusimpetus Member Posts: 10
    Dear Shedman,

    Thanks, that is one way of doing it, and it worked. I just took the report, design, sections and added the field, compiled it and started over again with the layout for the RTC. It was there and I could select it.

    Thanks again, this one is solved.

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