Export of table debtor/debitor seems to crash with c/side

obernauobernau Member Posts: 2
Hi folks,
I'm using an ETL - enclosing the libraries of the c/side client.
I try to extract table data, so far it works fine.
But for one table, the dbopen reports a "out of ressource" issue.
Slave.exe is still active in the background. So it seems the stream to the ETL (It's Kettle / Pentaho Data Integration), a Java Application has lost the connection to the c/side?
That's just my own undertstanding/analysis, based on the fact I have to kill slave to get it up again for further access of the Navision DB and tables.
This error shows up all the time within the same table and at the same record no.
So it seems, there is content, which can't be read from the Java Application?

Any hints, I'm not a programmer, so sorry, if this is a stupid question for some of you ...!

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