Advance Payments in 2009 NAV

AsjaAsja Member Posts: 2
How in 2009 NAV we can calculate automatically and post VAT Amount when advance payment from customer is received in bank?
Later when post Invoice, this VAT Amount needs to be reversed.

Get advance payment
D bank - K customer advance 122
D customer advance - K VAT 22 (VAT 22%)

Post Invoice and Apply Advance payment
D customer - K Income Account 100
D customer - K VAT 22

D VAT - K customer advance 22
D customer advance - K customer 122


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Which version of NAV you are using? There are localized versions based on the EastPack (Easter Europe Pack) which is changing the Advance Payment functionality (it is named Advance Letter and it is part of the NAVE modification, placed in ID Range around 26500).
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