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ashishkanishashishkanish Member Posts: 76

There is 5 entries punched on the Genral Journal Form with the doc no. 1,2,3,4,5. i need to post the 3 no. but when i am going to post that particular doc no. system gives me the error that doc no. must be 1. I put the check mark on the mannual option in the no. series then still its giving error.

Is there any solution without removing No. series from the batch to post any doc no.

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    kitikkitik Member Posts: 230
    If you don't want to remove No. series from the batch, then post 1 & 2 before posting 3 or change de Document No. so the first transaction to be posted is 1.

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    DeepDeep Member Posts: 569
    This is as per the default system.
    If you want to skip the numbers, then its better that the numbers to be assigned manually without using the number series. Use the Posting Number series instead to keep your posted transaction numbers in a sequence.

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    ashishkanishashishkanish Member Posts: 76
    It means there is no option without removing no. series from the batch or i have to post all the doc no. in sequence. thanks for the revert guys.

    If any solution found then please let me know
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    FSmeetsFSmeets Member Posts: 37
    Use the same no. series for the pre-posted General Journal as for the posted General Journal.
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    ashishkanishashishkanish Member Posts: 76
    i checked it System gives the error pre & posted no. series cannot be same. Thanks for the revert
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