Table Header Is Not coming In the RTC REPORT

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All I am Making RTC Report Where I am Getting The Problem that the Table Header is not coming
In The RTC Report Even The DATASET field Is coming

What I have Done in The RTC For Header Printing

For Example In The Classic The Label->Property->DatasetFieldName = Inbound_Item_Trans__Process__Item_Ledger_Entry_No__Caption

similar dataset value is coming in the RTC when I select The table header textBox value I set T =FIRST(FIELDS!Inbound_Item_Trans__Process__Item_Ledger_Entry_No__Caption)

But When I see the preview The Header Name is Not showing in The RTC Report

Kindly Any One Please Tell Me How Can I get the Header by The DataSet Value

I Manually Right The CaptionName In The Table header it showing the header but i want the Header through DataSetfield value

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  • naviannavian Member Posts: 39
    Hi Shashanksid,
    Could you add a screenshot of the RDLC Layout (showing the table header)?
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    should be
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