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I have a rather silly question to aske you :oops: ... i am trying to set up a role and i am trying to grand access to the user only to view some fields on a table. For example i would like for the user to be able to prepare an invoice. I want him/her to be able to insert an item, but beyond that part i don't want him/her to be able to view any data on the item table, or just to be able to view only limited data. i have tried several ways but nothing works. I don't know if i'm doing something wrong... Can you help me???


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    RobertMoRobertMo Member Posts: 484
    It is not possible to limit users to see/modify only specific fields of a table by using Roles/Permissons.

    Usually this is managed by creating new user specific forms, where they can see/change "their fields".

    There is also an add-on to implement this, so try to search the forum.
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    nostrannostran Member Posts: 106
    when the user is inserting an item, do you want to give him the right to call up the item list?
    if no, disable the right to execute the item list form. then disable the right to execute the item card form. but remember then the user will have to know all your inventory codes by heart to be able to type them in.

    if yes, then make a copy of the sales invoice form, sales invoice subform, and the item list form. link them accordingly, then give that person right to that shortcut so that he uses the customised form when processing the invoice.

    last, u need to customise that copy of your item list form so that u remove all the information that u don't want the user to c.

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    riki7riki7 Member Posts: 29
    I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply. I would like to thank you for your replies to my message. Actually i don't mind if the user call on the table list. Is just that i don't want to be able to see the table card. But either way if it's not possible to do that i can just prevent him/her from calling up the table list as well. I just have a question how can you prevent him/ her from executing the table since the execute column is not editable??
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    Joe_LittleJoe_Little Member Posts: 45
    There are a couple of ways to do this. One is accomplished by changing the security setup and the other requires customization.

    To accomplish this using security you need to remove the access to every form in the ALL group. This is the line that has a 0 as the form number.

    You then need to re-add ALL forms that you want the user to have access to. The result is form based security and you can, in this way, limit users to the fields that you have on forms. If you go this route, you also need to remove the system, zoom option from the user permissions.

    The other method, requires customization, but is more common because it is easier. Generally folks will add boolean or ordinal fields to the user setup table to indicate if a user has access to a specific group of fields. Credit limit on the customer card is a common example. In addition to the field, a line of code needs to be added to the appropriate form (like the customer card) that says something like:


    If usersetup.get(USERID) then
    If usersetup."Credit Authorized" then

    Note: Here, CreditLimit is the name that you have given to the control on the form that you do/do not want the user to see, edit, whatever.
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    riki7riki7 Member Posts: 29
    Thanks a lot for your help :D ... I'll try it and see what happens...
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