Purchase Requisition Worksheet problem

aobsaobs Member Posts: 8
version NAV 2009 R2

- qty. in purchase order: 6 (expected date 13.1.11, location 01)
- qty. in component lines: 4 (due date 20.1.11, location 01)
- reorder cycle: 1M
- safety lead time: 1D
- reordering policy: fixed

in 4.0 SP2 requisition worksheet suggests Resched. & Chg. Qty. action message, which I think is correct, meanwhile NAV2009 suggest two lines, first one canceling the initial purchase order, second creating new order.

What am I missing?



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    cernstcernst Member Posts: 280
    It works different in NAV2009 the planning Engine has been rewritten and a parameter faller time bucket has been added. So a cancel/new is the way it works in 2009. I dont like this and im not sure thats the way it should be according to apics
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