Adjust Cost Item Entries Error for one item

airamairam Member Posts: 88

my client is getting an error when running the Adjust Cost Item Entries in a particular company and particular Item, the error is 'Dimension Value for *** is missing' any ideas where i can check for the missing dimension value? when running the debugger, navision is crashing and it will restart, all i can tell you is where the debbuger is stopping. That is in Code unit 21
    IF NOT DimMgt.CheckJnlLineDimValuePosting(JnlLineDim,TableID,No) THEN
      IF "Line No." <> 0 THEN
          TABLECAPTION,"Journal Template Name","Journal Batch Name","Line No.",
         ERROR(DimMgt.GetDimValuePostingErr); <- the debbuger stops here!

thanks for your help!


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    raveendran.sraveendran.s Member Posts: 119
    Have you converted the Database to the newer version?

    I had a similar issue at the time of running debugger. Then I restored the backup in the older version.

    Now it is working fine for me. Please try the same. lets see whether it is working for you or not.

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    airamairam Member Posts: 88
    no changes have been made lately, the client is on version 6.00 .. any ideas regarding the dimension problem pls?

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    DeepDeep Member Posts: 569
    There must be some item ledger entries/value entries in the table on which the required dimension is not stored somehow at posting, but was supposed to be. At the time of adjustment, it is not finding the dimension, and thus,throwing an error for missing dimension value.

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    airamairam Member Posts: 88

    Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately I filled the empty fields in the Item Ledger and Value Entry tables but i'm still getting the same error..

    can you please provide further help?

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    krzychub83krzychub83 Member Posts: 120
    Mayby somebody deleted the dimension manualy (in SQL) from the Dimension Value table.

    What I would try?
    1. Try to run database test, with option 'Test field relationship between tables' and Output set to a file. Maybe there you will see whith dimension is missing. (File -> Database -> Test...)
    2. Try to write a statement in SQL, which would comparing the Ledger Entry Dimension with Dimension Value table.
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    mark_aumark_au Member Posts: 40
    I think you'll need to dig into which part of Codeunit 5895 "Inventory Adjustment" is calling CU 21 to be able to resolve the issue. There are a number of points which the Inventory Adjustment Codeunit creates and posts Item Journals, finding which one of this should (hopefully) narrow down what records you need to check. you're probably going to need to stop the debugger from crashing though, it's pretty unlikely you're going to find the cause without it!
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    crisnicolascrisnicolas Member Posts: 177
    For what I've seen in CU408, this error is trhown when the Dimension Value used does not exist on table 349.
    I guess there is an item journal line done with a dimension value.
    Later on, the dimension value was deleted.
    Now, the Adjust Cost Item Entries batch is trying to adjust the cost for that Item Ledger Entry. The dimensions originally used are used again for the adjustment, but the value does not exist anymore.

    Check on table 349 if the dimension value that is getting the error exists or not.
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