possible to have 7 decimal places ?

cvealecveale Member Posts: 135
NAV 2009 SP1.

NAV allows you to have 5 decimal places on the direct unit cost field on the purchase order. Can this be increased to 7 ? I ask because a client Does overseas PO's, and the POs come with the amount including tax, so my client has to back calculate out the taxes to get the direct unit cost. But for the numbers to work, she needs 7 decimal places.

Can this be done ? Has anyone done it ?


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    crisnicolascrisnicolas Member Posts: 177
    Check the "Unit-Amount Decimal Places" field on General Ledger Setup.

    But, you could consider using the "Prices including VAT" checkmark on vendor card.
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    cvealecveale Member Posts: 135
    Unit amount decimal places is for the unit amount. I need the direct unit cost.

    VAT won't work for me. We don't use VAT.
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