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Is there a possibility to make filters from NAV to CRM? We have pricebooks that have to be transfered from NAV to CRM only if the pricebook is public, so the field public is a boolean and this has to be the criterium to transfer it from nav to crm.


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    Hi Christ,

    If i'm not mistaken, i didn't see filter option at Connector. But i think, you can filter at your public page and public to ws.

    If you see any option at connector. Kindly, please let me know.

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    You can filter at connector level.
    If the filter is static (which it looks like) and does not concern a lot of tables, you can edit the code in CU5150 to filter those record out of the synchronisation.
    In the funciton InsertUpdateIntegrationRecord(RecRef : RecordRef;IntegrationLastModified : DateTime)
    one can see that the contact table is filtered standard so that contacts of type company are skipped.
    the filtering happens on 2 places, at the update the integration record is marked as deleted, in the insert part the code is skipped (by exit)
    Based on that code you can work further I presume.
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