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I am looking for descriptions/explanations of Objects, as we assign permissions for Table Data, so that we
don't inadvertently allow someone access to Table Data that shouldn't have that access. At the same time, we also don't want people bumping their heads on Permission barriers that frustrate them as the try to perform their job. For example, when we contemplate Object ID 79, Company Information, how do we determine what other objects require direct or indirect use of this Object in order to function? For Object ID 98, General Ledger Setup, which is included in the Basic User permissions, do non-financial employees really need this permission?

Is there a database somewhere that explains how each of the objects, as they relate to Table Data, work? Any help would be appreciated.




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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    There is a nice tool you can look at in the download section:
    Navutilus AutoPermissions Demo v2.00

    Search the download section for "Role" or "Permission" for others
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    If you will look how many tables are in NAV and e.g. you will take a look on the graph of relations between them (search for Big Picture of NAV), you will understand that describing something like this is too much. Setting permissions for this is hard too. You can go in two way - top-down or bottom-up. You can assign wider permissions and cut them up to the point you need, or assign tight permissions and add needed tables during the process when someone need some. You will never have accurate permissions on the first shot.
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