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I have a devlopment environment set up on my PC. I have saved off the client for NAV 2009 SP1 both the classic and RTC before uninstalling so that I could install NAV 2009 R2. After installing the NAV 2009 R2, I am no longer able to do any layout designing for NAV 2009 and NAV 2009 SP1. It gives me the message: It is not possible to instantiate the Visual Studio bridge. I have tried taking a report from SP1 to a R2 test database and then taking it back to the SP1 database. It seems to work fine but when I try to run the report in the RTC client It says the report is in a failed state. Compiling the report gives the message about the bridge.

Is there a work around for this or do I need to set up a second development environment just to do reporting in the NAV 2009 and NAV 2009 SP1 versions?


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    what I have done is use virtual xp mode in windows 7 and am able to run multiple version of NAV 2009.
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    I bumped into this just yesterday and discovered that it is possible to install just the classic client without uninstalling other versions of the classic client. So I did just what you did – saved off copies of NAV 2009 SP1 RTC, server, and classic client; uninstalled NAV 2009 SP1; and installed NAV 2009 R2. Then I went back and reinstalled just the NAV 2009 SP1 classic client using the “new” option that allows installation of this version without uninstalling other versions of the classic client.

    Now I can do report layout with both NAV 2009 SP1 and R2.
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    Thank you. That worked after I dug into the CD to get to the client installer.
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