CHANGECOMPANY in Pages doesn´t work?

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I have a form who copy customers from another company. In that form I ask for the company source.
And when I asked for the customers, I can made a Lookup from the customer form, and works fine.



But in the Page I made the same but it doesn´t works. I try to change the word FORM by PAGE but its the same. always I obtain a view of the same customers. So I try to control the CHANGECOMPANY with an IF statement, for finding the problem, but without luchy.

Anybody can help me?

Thanks a lot!!!


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    What build are you using? There is a KB Article about using DELETEALL with CHANGECOMPANY which has a platform update as the solution, perhaps if you get onto this build your code will work?;EN-US;977217

    I haven't tested though, so it may only be related to the DELETEALL function, but thought it may be relevant.
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    I think its a problem of the Role Tailored Client, because in classic works fine.
    I don´t make a DELETEALL of my record.
    I only make a lookup.
    Thanks in advance!
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