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E-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics AX - IT IS activigence web extensions 2010
This spectacular and nice video give you a quick overview about the most important functions of our e-commerce solution fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics.

Here you can see how to make a integrated shopping cart work for B2B and B2C customers and at the same time make full use of your business system to manage items, pricing, availability, and contacts.

The system comes with the integrated approach into the Content Management System "Dot Net Nuke" which is extremly successful and allows for easy page setup, many options and a great way to do business on the web. But there is more to discover. With the use of IT IS activigence Web extensions 2010 for AX, you can easily bring ERP based portals to live to serve your customers and help your vendors.

Please stay tuned - we appreciate your rating, too.

You may always contact us at www.itis.de or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]


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