Web Service Exceptions choose language?

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Hi folks,

I having this little problem regarding the exceptions provoked by ERROR function in NAV when invoking my Nav 2009 Web Services.

The thing is that, i want the exceptions to come in Portuguese and not in English. The field Names come in English..

Does any know how to handle this?

Thanks in advance. :lol:


  • tiagofrancistiagofrancis Member Posts: 48
    I've figuered it out! We need to go to the Administration module and set the code language of our home language in the role tailored user used to access the Web Services.

    Thanks any way.
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    Thanks for sharing this.
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  • maclmacl Member Posts: 9
    How do I get to the "Administration module"?

  • deV.chdeV.ch Member Posts: 543
    This means: Go to "Administration" Module/Menu -> Application Setup -> Role Tailored Client -> User Personalization
  • maclmacl Member Posts: 9
    Thank you! Now I got it to work!

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