Change control properties in Run-time in RTC

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I have a Page where I want only few users see information.

When write this CurrPage.Control Name.VISIBLE(FALSE) in classic is OK

But in tailored display an error. VISIBLE() is obsoleted.

Which command can help me to change the property visible in a control in run time?


  • MallikarjunaMallikarjuna Member Posts: 64
    Hi mordred,

    Below link may help you to resolve your Issue.


  • ChuckyChucky Member Posts: 3
    I have problems changing the visibility of a page control in NAV 2009 R2. The properties „Enabled“ and „Editable“ are working fine but „Visible“ not. I put in a global variable and update it in the OnAfterGetRecord-Trigger. Doesn’t it work anymore in R2?
  • ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,253
    You have to change the globalvariable property to include it in dataset.
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  • ChuckyChucky Member Posts: 3
    Sure, I know, but I tried the same variable for "Enabled" and "Editable" and it worked fine. Only the "Visible"-Property is making problems (although filling in "True" or "False" works right). Has somebody used "Visible" with a variable in the new R2-Version?
  • beranberan Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 80
    I have been looking into the code for R2 related to control visibility handled by global variables. It looks like only groups and part controls with pages inside can have visibility controlled. This means that individual controls cannot be controlled from AL code.

    I will do further investigations when the devs in this area are back after vacation.
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  • ChuckyChucky Member Posts: 3
    Great! Thanks a lot! :thumbsup:
  • ArmondsArmonds Member Posts: 66
    The same here on R2, dynamic change of visible property for fields in ListPlus page didn't worked, Enabled property works good.
  • mordredmordred Member Posts: 14
    Thanks a lot !!!!!
  • jreynoldsjreynolds Member Posts: 175
    You may want to look into the HideValue property (new for pages).
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