OLE-attach a Dynamics NAV Objectfile to a Word document

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I have an objectfile for Dynamics NAV in fob-format or zip-compressed.

Now I want to write some documentation I a word-document and attach the object to the word document as an OLE-object, so I afterwards in the same document also have the program-object stored.

It seems to very easy to do :D, but afterwards it is impossible to extract the zip-file or the object-file from the word-document (or copy/paste) so I can import the object in Dynamics or unzip the file ](*,) .

The major problem is that when I in Word make an OLE-attachment, Word seems to insert some source-text in the OLE-attached file.

Do anyone have some experience how to OLE-attach an object-file to a word-document (or other Office-files), so it afterwards is possible to detach and use/import the object-file in Dynamics NAV?
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