Wrong Printer selection

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Goodmorning all,

One of our clients has a problem with the printer selection.
The have 3 different printers: Office Printer, Permit Printer and Finance Printer (default).
All reports should go to the Finance printer, except for the following reports:
116 Statement QP Denmark Office Printer
60050 Sales - Invoice QP Denmark Office Printer
60051 Sales - Invoice (permit) QP Denmark Permit Printer
60059 Sales - Credit Memo QP Denmark Office Printer
60060 Reminder QP Denmark Office Printer
60061 Reminder QP Denmark Office Printer
60062 Sales - Invoice (manual) QP Denmark Office Printer

Although when they Post and Print (Shift + F11) an invoice or when they print an statement, the invoice/statement goes to the default printer (Finance Printer) instead of the Office Printer. But when they print an posted invoice via Receivables > History > Posted Invoices, the above problem disappears and all invoices/statements are printed to the correct (Office) printer for the duration of the Navision session. However, the next time they open a new session, the same problem appears again.
How could we solve the problem, so the reports are always printed to the correct printer?

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