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Dear All,

Any body can give me a datasheet or a document that shows the difference between ls retail on NAV and RMS on AX , i mean the advantage disadvantage of each on the other.



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    I'd like to know this too. We are currently looking for a retail management system for our store. We also are interested in e-commerce and online ordering.
    What type of fulfillment services does everyone use?
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    Lot of my customers in Middle East have shifted from RMS (most of them were using it over GP) and moved to LS Retail NAV.

    Technically and functionally LS Retail has always scored over RMS. Your buying decision also depends upon your existing no. of stores and the Future Plan.

    If you have less then 10 stores and are not expecting it to grow rapidly in next couple of year. You can always reply on RMS and later shift to LSR, because commercially RMS score over LSR for less then 10 Stores setup.

    But if you are having more stores and their is a expansion plan in place, will suggest to go with LSR NAV. I have seen commercially their is not much difference in price for over 10 stores project.

    When it comes to AX 4 Retail vs LSR NAV, i can just say AX 4 Retail at the moment is not as mature as LSR NAV when it comes to Retail. But I am sure the situationa and the product will improve in time to come.

    Many prospect of our company have opted for AX as backoffice solution but went ahead and opted for LSR NAV as front end. We have developed a connector for the same, which allows both to talk seamlessly.

    I hope this is helpful.

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    Yes, i think customers can be reach by anywhere from this world, Am i right ? I guess, I'm :)
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