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Hi everyone,

Being a novice I heard a lot about Jet reports but I have not gotten the opportunity to used them yet. Can someone tell me more about it ? Eg: Is that a third party developed software that is almost like LS Retail ? Or a pure standalone 3rd party software or part of Microsoft propriety technology?

I tried to search through the web but is not able to find any real useful explanation.

All I know that it is able to churned out data for analysis but I know that currently Dataport Objects in Navision are able to achieve it as well (not sure if I got the right idea though)

Anyone there care to shed some light please ?
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    Dataports are for exporting & importing of data. You don't need to do this if your simply wanting to create reports. YOu can export to excel to creat some reports & use odbc to pull data into access n such. There are sql reporting tools, crystal reports, jet reports, etc.

    There should be demo's on the jetreports website. ... cs-nav.php

    Nav has Account schedules that can be used to analyze info too.
    It all depends on what you're looking for.
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    JetReports has been around quite awhile. It is a FANTASTIC report generator, particularly useful in generating financial statements. It is way more than an "import/export" tool - it links NAV data real-time into Excel, so when items are posted into NAV, you simply open the JetReports report and refresh.

    Now, Excel can be linked real-time to NAV through ODBC, but the other JetReports features make formatting, creation, etc. much faster and easier.

    Check out the JetReports website.
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    Jet Reports it a reporting system for Navision or ODBC/OLEDB Databases. We sell and train this tool in germany since 2006 and have a lot of satisified customers.

    You'll find a lot of information here: . Watch the video. It explains a lot.

    For special questions don't hesitate to ask.

    Best regards from germany

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  • edisonledisonl Member Posts: 25

    Thanks a lot, that was useful.

    Regards, Edison
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