Dis Error msg for C\AL programers ven i run Bin Lable report

satish_navsatish_nav Member Posts: 65
Hello experts..

My client is trying to run the Bin Label report to display Bin code Barcode information.

When he trying to run the Bin label report from RTC in client mechine he getting error message like

This message is for C/Al programmers: Unable to create an instance of automation server system._Comobject with CLSID=dfed1980-a087-46d3-0004-4c414e48414d Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID
{DFED1980-A087-46D3-0004-4C414E48414D}failes due to the following error:88840154..

--> when i tried to run the same report from Server mechine RTC and getting another message like
This message is for C/Al programmers: The call to member PrintLabelFailed:Invalid hendle.
Parameter name: handle.

when i am tried to run the same report in my local system i am getting message like

the specified path is invalid.

I could not find the report number in classic client to Debug to resolve the issue.
Can any one please advise me to resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance..



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    satish_navsatish_nav Member Posts: 65
    I got the report id in Classic Client. "Bin label" report is ProcessignOnly report. By running this report they are generating file.

    When i run the report it showned some path in C Drive to c:Se_demo\shipping\label\buffer.txt is not exist. then i created this path run in my local system.

    Now i am getting like Couldnot create an Instance of the OLE control or Automation Server identified by GUID={B90B......
    Automation Server.unknown Class.
    Check the OLE control or Automation server is correctly installed and registered.

    can any one please suggest me on this..please.
    Thanks in advance..

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