Viewing codeunits

xmsxms Member Posts: 4
I'm working in a organization with Nav 5 and going through the learning curve of working with Nav. We have report and form designer permissions so there are no real limitations on what we can do (well, with reports and forms).

But want to be able to view Codeunits (even though we can't change/modify), mostly just to see what they are doing since otherwise they are a black box.

I have found if I debug code from a report or form can then step into relevant code unit thus seeing the code. This kinda works but seems a bit convoluted. But the fact I can see the codeunit using this methods means not entirely locked out, is there a method/tool we can use to view the contents of a given codeunit?

We don't have license to export FOB to text file, I did try the GetCal .NET program which will export the other objects (report/form) into text but not code units.

Any help is appreciated.


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