Emails being marked read after 1-2 minutes

Shawn76Shawn76 Member Posts: 6
edited 2010-11-27 in Dynamics CRM
Since I installed the CRM-outlook connector, my emails in Outlook automatically change their status from unread to read after 1-2 minutes after they have been received. In the CRM settings, the field "E-mail access type - Incoming" is set to "Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook". I am using Outlook 2010. The version of the CRM plugin is 4.0.7333.2747.

I uninstalled CRM and I am having the same issue. In the reading pane options, 'Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading Pane' is unchecked.

Anyone have any ideas on why this could be happening? The issue did not start until the CRM Outlook connector was installed.
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