Reservation on FG Items

NWSCHNWSCH Member Posts: 8
Dear All,

Please consider the following scenario

Item No FG001
Qty on hand - 20

Sales Order No SO-0001 Having Item FG001 for qty 140

Click "Order" button at sales order form - Planning - convert to Firm Planned Production Order. The system converts Firm Planned production order for 140 qty :(

Actually it should create only for 120 as 20 is already there in inventory - Please help regarding how this can be achieved



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    cernstcernst Member Posts: 280
    Don't create production order from sales order. Instead use the planning worksheet under Manufacturing menu.
    NAV Freelance Consultant
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    ayataayata Member Posts: 1
    You should select true "include inventory" field item card.
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    naviannavian Member Posts: 39
    Hi NWSCH,
    You can accomplish this using reservations.
    If you reserve the 20 pcs in inventory for the sale line before you create the production order then it would be for 120 pcs.
    So, maybe set those items to Always in the Reserve field (so that the available inventory gets automatically reserved at the time on order entry). Just a suggestion....

    Or use the Planning Worksheet like cernst writes.

    The Include Inventory field on the Item Card has NO effect on Production Orders created from Sales Orders.
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