Erratic Behavior when Partially Entering Text in a Field

JosephGressJosephGress Member Posts: 36
In NAV, you can enter partial text in a field with a table relation and NAV will automatically complete the text with the closest match from the underlying table.

Does anyone know how the user can set a filter on the field so that NAV will exclude some values from the underlying table when it searches for the closest match?

For example, our client is entering Payroll Control Codes in the Time Journal Line table. They report that they used to be able to type in "INCEN" and NAV would complete this with "INCENTIVE BONUS" which is what they want. However, when they enter "INCEN" this week, NAV selects "INCENTIVE AMT" which is not what they want.

It makes sense that NAV selects "INCENTIVE AMT" since that comes before "INCENTIVE BONUS". However, my client reports that "It didn't work that way last week. Make it work the way it did last week."

I suspect that somehow my client had a filter set on Payroll Control Codes that excluded "INCENTIVE AMT" and that that filter was removed inadvertently last week. However, I cannot figure out any way of "making it work the way it did last week".

Can anyone help me be a hero to my client?
Joseph Gress


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    kapamaroukapamarou Member Posts: 1,152
    Did "INCENTIVE AMT" exist previously?
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    jannestigjannestig Member Posts: 999
    Sorting on the lookup table perhaps, if the client had change the main sorting key it could change the first found criteria?
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    JosephGressJosephGress Member Posts: 36
    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Regarding "Did "INCENTIVE AMT" exist previously?", Yes, it did. I verified this in an older backup. And, I verified this with the user.

    Regarding Jannestig's comment regarding sorting, are you referring to changing the primary key for the table? I don't think that anyone changed the primary key. When I look at the keys, I don't see any that would make INCENTIVE BONUS come before INCENTIVE AMT unless they select to "Sort Descending".

    For what it's worthg, someone did change the length of an unrelated field last week. That could have caused the user to lose a filter or sort in their zup file. I just can't figure out how to get any filters or sorts to work they way that the user reports that they worked last week.
    Joseph Gress
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