TDS and WCT Issue

write2souravwrite2sourav Member Posts: 113
I am making the following entry in Bank Payment voucher in NAV 4.0 SP3 IN version...

Vendor A/C Dr. 100000
To Bank A/C 100000

I have calculated the TDS amount and WCT (Works Contract Tax) amount in vendor line having the figures as 1000 and 4000 respectively. When posted the GL shows 3 entries like this:

Party A/C Dr. 100000
To TDS A/C 1000
To Bank A/C 99000

The WCT Amount is not getting posted to the WCT ledger although we have a separate ledger for WCT. I expected the below entry -

Party A/C Dr. 100000
To TDS A/C 1000
To WCT A/C 4000
To Bank A/C 95000

Can anybody help me out.....................
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