How to remove an OCX control?

ben5000ben5000 Member Posts: 110
Hi all,

When trying to compile a form it says that an ocx control has not been registered correctly, it appears that this control is obsolete.

But when I go to the Custom Control form, I can't find the ocx control.

Here is the message I get:
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
The OLE control (GUID: {79766A7F-90D7-4143-8B23-83A78097E880}) could not be compiled because it was not registered properly.

Try to register the OLE control by clicking Tools, Custom Controls, Browse.


Can someone help?

Thx a lot,


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    SogSog Member Posts: 1,023
    Export the object through txt and find the reference of the ocx, delete that and reïmport (this is the final resort way)
    Or go to the control, and search the globals and locals for that OCX control. (the not so final resort way)
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    ben5000ben5000 Member Posts: 110
    Thank you Sog, the first solution worked fine :)
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