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Hi guys , I would like to know about passing a variable in another form?

Im making a form(registration header) with a menu button(registration).
then i have a CHARGE menu item.
If the person clicks on the CHARGE menu item , the charge table will then open.

The person can now insert a new record.

But i have an error that says
"Registration header no. '' does not exists."

i have set the runformlink to registration no.(registration header) to (charge table) registration no.

the charge form doesnt retrieve the registration no. from the registration header.

in my oninsert section (charge table)
recSemRegHead.GET(recSemRegHead."No."); // i dont know what to put in here
"Job No." := recSemRegHead."No."; //ill set the job no. with the registration no. from registration header


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    astalavistaastalavista Member Posts: 26
    Hi admin/moderator
    Kindly delete this thread thanks!


    Sorry for this question hehe. I forgot to put the fieldname of the charge table.

    newbie here
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