Accounts Schedule - Rounding issue

victoriavictoria Member Posts: 16
Dear all,

In Accounts Schedule (report ID 25), all figures are displayed with 2 decimal places. Is there a way to change rounding - to round to whole figures (no decimals at all)? E.g. instead of 1255.23 to display 1255, etc.

Thanks for your help.


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    mabl4367mabl4367 Member Posts: 143
    First I must state that I'm not familiar with this report so I don't know what it does.

    In general I can think of two ways of controling rounding.

    1. You can call a rounding function before displaying the value:
    NewNumber := ROUND(Number [, Precision] [, Direction])

    2. You can edit the "Format" property of the control that's used to display the value. Entering "<Sign><Integer>" should give you the result you want. Select the format property ant hit F1 to get help on how to construct format strings.
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