Purchase user Role Center taking more time to Open

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Dear All,

My client using Nav-09 RTC. Purchase user role center taking more time to open and purchase transactions also taking more time to do.
For this issue, i created new windows login(Ex: XX) and assigned all roles same as previous Logina and logon with New Login. Now i observed that, Purchase Role center opened in less time but when i try to Open Item, vendor,PO page i am getting Error Message like "You are not having Item Ledger entry READ permissions. Please contact system administration" , still i assigned those permissions to the respective roles of New User login.

With old login id performance is slow but i didn't get this ERROR earlier.

Please assist me to solve this issue.
Thanks in advance..



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    Check if you have enhanced security model. If you have, you should probably do a Synchronization of the security. Or even better: change it to standard Security model.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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