Import transactions changes Last No. used

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Hi people :D

We have a series of dataports for importing transactions with/without VAT and with/without balancing acc.

The dataports validate the last no. used of No. series to follow the sequence and give the next document no. However, eventhough we get the correct no. series this also changes the Last no. Used as if the transactions have been posted.


1. Last No. used: U100040
2. Imported 8 lines in General Journal that received No. series U100041-U100048
3. Last No. used: has changed to U100048 before posting the entries
4. As a result if I try to post the entries I get the message that the first Document No. must be U100049...

Please also note that we also use Posting No. series and this is not affected.



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    ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,256
    Populate the Document no yourself and don't increment the numbering series?
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    jackiesjackies Member Posts: 114
    Well yes...if I'm doing the posting since I don't mind but..this is for all the users that want to simplify the processing.
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    jackiesjackies Member Posts: 114
    This is fixed :D

    I realised that this piece of code was "missing"

    IF GenJournalBatch."Posting No. Series" <> '' THEN
      "Gen. Journal Line"."Posting No. Series" := GenJournalBatch."Posting No. Series";
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