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Hello everyone.
I am working with NAV 2009 SP1 on SQL Server 2008 in a virtualized server with Hyper-V, and I have the following problem.
I create a report, I suggest the layout, and all ok, but when I change it, does not include changes or even when I delete the report from the classic client, launched the report with dynamicsnav ://// runreport? Report = xxxx and report still appears in NAV 2009 RTC!,
I have installed Visual Studio Express 2008, 2008 Full, 2010 Full and "Microsoft Report Viewer Add-on for Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition."

I tried deleting the "cache" of ReportLayout in all the sites I found, but still seems to have a "cache ghost" where you save the report (also applies to objects of pages) that includes the changes and you can even launch after deleting the object
In tests with local databases (Cronus) and SQL Server Express from my partner seems to work fine.
Can you tell me how to fix this?,
Thank you very much everybody.


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    i think it is because you're modifying report/page in database "A", but you're accessing the RTC of database "B".
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    try to check your configuration here
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service
    take a look at CustomSettings.config
    is it the correct database you connect to
  • NrvousNrvous Member Posts: 27
    Hi, first thanks for your answers but
    1) "Access to Data Base A / b? .. No
    Server database is in a virtualized server with SQL Server 2008 and NAV 2009 (classic and RTC), the Nav if you have the Service folder. I looked at the files customsettings and seems all right.
    A user accessing this server via Terminal Server.
    In my computer I have installed nav 2009, but the folder does not appear Service, but I agree with Nav Nav 2009 Classic or 2009 RTC to the database hosted on that server.
    The amendments carried out in the classic objects (reports, forms, etc.), and are well accepted all the changes, but by modifying or creating a ReportLayout, accepts the first time, but then it's impossible to change or modify in is stored somewhere that it was the first time generated the ReportLayout but as I say, even after deleting the report itself, see the report removed if called from dynamicsnav ://// runreport? report = xxxxxx, and the same with objects pages.
    I tried to make changes on the server itself, but I prefer not to install the Visual Studio for reports on it.
    Thanks again
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