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I am very noob to this question.

I want a report that shows some information about the vendor, but if the vendor language is ENU the report show caption ml in ENU, if the vendor is PTG the report shows caption in PTG.
How do i do this?

Thanks in advance
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    FDickschatFDickschat Member Posts: 380
    Take a look in Report 406, DataItem Purch. Inv. Header - OnAfterGetRecord. The first code line does what you want to achieve.
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    Luc_VanDyckLuc_VanDyck Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 3,633
    Read chapter 23 in the Application Designer's Guide (the file w1w1adg.pdf in the \Doc folder of the NAV 5.x ProductDVD). This chapter handles the Multilanguage Functionality. Here you can read:
    Multiple Document Languages
    You could run multiple document languages before you had a multilanguage-enabled
    database. But the multiple document languages functionality benefits from
    multilanguage because you now get the languages automatically.

    If you have documents that you want to print in the language of the recipient rather
    than in your own working language, you can add a single line of code in the document
    to handle this. This functionality is already enabled for most printing reports in the
    standard Dynamics NAV database. The document is printed in the language that is
    specified in the Language Code field in the Customer Card window.

    In reports that need the multiple document languages functionality, you must insert
    the following C/AL code as the first line in the OnAfterGet Record() trigger:
    CurrReport.LANGUAGE := Language.GetLanguageID("Language Code")
    Secondly, for each of these reports, you must create a new variable, Language, with the
    data type Record pointing to the Language table (table 8 ).

    When you have compiled the object, it will no longer print in the user’s working
    application language if another language has been specified in the Customer Card

    PS: This has nothing to do with Caption Class, as your topic title suggests.
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