how to made payment discount round off

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I am using NAV2009SP1, we made a invoice on dt. 15.10.2010 of Rs. 1038.00 and payment discount term 2% on 15 days. We recd. the payment Rs. 1017.00 on dt. 25.10.2010 for final payment and the discount given by us Rs. 21/-. But system calculate no discount because according to calculation discount amt. Rs. 20.76 (2% of Rs. 1038.00). we don't find any opetion for round off the discount amount. Application mathod is "Apply to Oldest"

Pls. help
Pravin Maheshwari


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    Depending upon how you are working IE they paid one payment for many invoices you can do the following.

    On the apply to fform you can change the 'Remaining discount possible amount ' field manually

    If you do this from the cash reciepts form it will pick up this new amount and insert the correct figure and post the discounted amount to discount credit/debit account.

    Usually the invoice rounding would cover this area but because the discount is not realised and applied until payment it seems to have been left out. thats why they let you do it manually
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