NAV 4.0 SP2 - and RF Data Collection

msmith6671msmith6671 Member Posts: 5
Hi everyone,

just wondering whether you have any experience with addressing a requirement for an RF based data collection system - to assist with management of inventory - PO receipts, transfers into warehouse/location, transfers from bin to bin within whse (reclassification), cycle count/physical inventory transaction, sales order pick/ship - re NAV 4.0 SP2

I thought RF Smart might be an option but it is/will be only available for NAV2009.

I know we can probably address via customisation/development - but I am wondering whether there is a 3rd party product available that I should consider.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.


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    rhpntrhpnt Member Posts: 688
    By design ADCS is the standard RF warehouse solution. Its functionality is limited to basic warehouse work (put, pick, move, inventory,...) but it can be customized/widened. I've implemented ADCS for a customer and it really works well.
    If you are looking to buy a third party solution try Lanham Associates.
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    msmith6671msmith6671 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for your advice - we were giving some consideration to ADCS and its great to hear that you have it working so well - we thought it might be a bit limited and that we perhaps should strive for something better - but maybe I should look a little more closely . . . . because the customer is only looking for something straightforward anyway...

    Thanks again
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