Outlook Synchronisation .stx error

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Dear All,

Following error is thrown when I'm configuring the Outlook synchronisation (in outlook), I've selected the type, SQL-server and database already.
The connection to "********" Microsoft Dynamics NAV database failed. The program returned the following error
GetCompaniesList error: Error Code: 3080193 - Error Message: There are errors in the text conversion (text no. 160-1 does not exist in the .stx file). Internal error: 47-1 connection string: Servername=********;CompanyName= ;DriverType=Sql;DatabaseName=*******;
Please verify your synchronization settings. If the problem persists contact your system administrator.

Companyname is empty because the dropdown with companynames is selected when the error appeared.
Database is SQL, Version is NAV 5.00 with a mix of 14 and 15 elements (full technical upgrade, partial functional upgrade)
first the regular stx and etx have been used, then the etx and stx from the C/Side client and finally the .stx from the language folder. Windows XP and Outlook 2007.
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