Change Findset to Find('-') in Codeunit Sales-Get Shipment

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Dear experts,

I'd like to have your professional comments.

Now, my customer requests the Get Shipment Lines to have sequence by Unit Price but in Descending order. But, when select the records and OK, error message comes out saying: "You can only use the FINDSET function with an ascending key order."

So, I've found out the problem in Codeunit Sales - Get Shipment : CreateInvLines & GetItemChargeAssgnt. After changing the FINDSET into FIND('-'), it seems problem is solved.

YET...., since this is the original Navision codes, I'm afraid there will be unexpected negative effects. So, could anyone advise whether it is fine to change or not?

Thanks very much in advance!


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    SogSog Member Posts: 1,023
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    The replacement of findset with find('-') will have a (minimal) performance loss.
    For the rest there won't be unexpected negative effects. find('-') was used in older versions as the original code, but findset is an improvement on smaller datasets (performance whise), which why it was updated with findset.

    PS:If you have no further questions you could mark this topic as solved (edit first post and alter the attribute)
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    rocopsarocopsa Member Posts: 38
    Thanks very much, Sog. It really helps!!! :D
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