mccizmt2mccizmt2 Member Posts: 21

Does anybody know how to place filters with memory on fields.... almost permanent filters that are user specific.



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    mccizmt2mccizmt2 Member Posts: 21
    That wasn't very clear, what I want to do is, say a salesperson places a temporary filter on a field in the item table, I want that filter to stay on until they turn it off, even when they close that window.
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    Joe_LittleJoe_Little Member Posts: 45
    The answer is that they pretty much do because they are written out to the .zup file when the user closes the application.

    Users often don't get what they expect in this regard on the item, customer and vendor cards. What happens is that they hit list, apply a filter (which works) but then goes away when they get back to the card.

    What is happening here is that the card instance of the record comes first and last and therefore resets the filter that the user set when they were in the list form.

    If this is what is happening to your users, have them try setting the filters that they want to keep on the card form before doing the lookup. They should stick until updated by the user.
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    eromeineromein Member Posts: 589
    If you would start the list form from the menu, the filter is saved in the zup file as well. So in that case you do not have to set the filter on the card first.

    BUT, I agree with Joe Little. Tell users to set filters on the card.
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    NaviTools.comNaviTools.com Member Posts: 88

    If you need this saved filters only on few list forms, you could customize your solution by saving the filters in a table and read and set filters on 'OnOpenForm'.

    This would be "fighting" the way Navision is designed :-k
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