Update Contact/Cust./Vendor via Dataport

Johannes_NielsenJohannes_Nielsen Member Posts: 206
Hi all

I'm trying to add a VAT No. to my Customers/Vendors.

When editing a field on either Cust. or Vendor Card, the corresponding Contact is Updated automtically, and vice versa.

If I want to edit/add the VAT no. on a Customer, do I need to update both the Contact AND the Customers tables? (should I do this with "TRANSFERFIELD" -command)


Should I tab into any existing CodeUnits like 5056, 5067.

[-X Are there any pitfalls I should be aware of then updating Cust./Vendor/Contact data?
Best regards / Venlig hilsen
Johannes Sebastian


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    kamranshehzadkamranshehzad Member Posts: 165
    if you are just adding just vat no's, look into table ca/l code validate parameteres. if there is no validation code, then simply update them in database.
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