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Dear experts,

I have an invoice report should be printed on pre-printed form. I developed the report on my Windows 7 pc, the invoice printed perfectly from my Windows 7 machine. But when I try to print the same report from Windows XP machine with the same printer and printer properties setting, the alignment are different, each line goes up at least 2 lines higher. I am using Epson dot matrix printer. I suspect it is due to the different driver since they are different OS.

Any solution out there to solve this alignment issue?


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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142

    Search the forum for DOT MATRIX PRINTERS.

    I've struggled in the past trying to use pre-printed forms myself. After Days & Weeks & Hours spent trying to stop an extra line appearing every x amount of pages I just moved to a laser.
    It's faster & cheaper. Windows & Nav don't play well with DOT MARTIX printers.

    I have two epson dfx5000+ printers that are gathering dust.

    Perhaps some of the posts you find using the search helps you.
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    biant123biant123 Member Posts: 29

    Thanks for your reply. Yea i have also spent so much time on testing and searching for a solution but none of it works. Since it's not a solution to adjust the report alignment to accommodate few different machines, so I have been trying to search if there is any printer option to adjust the alignment instead. Have also tried to create the Custom Form on Print Server Properties, without luck, it only able to adjust the top margin but the bottom margin totally not working.

    However, i found out a printer option from Printer Properties which is called 'Top Margin Priority', it can be set as either 'Driver' or 'Printer', when this option is set as Printer, the alignment problem solved :D. There is a trick though, because only Windows 7 printer driver has this option unfortunately. So I did the steps below to add the Windows 7 printer driver to XP machine:

    - On Windows 7, share the dot matrix printer
    - On Windows XP, add Network Printer (make sure Windows 7 and XP are on the same domain), search for this Windows 7 machine and add this shared printer.
    - System will auto add the Windows 7 printer driver to Windows XP while adding the printer.
    - On Windows XP, click on the local dot matrix printer properties, change the printer driver to this Windows 7 printer driver, and now you will see the 'Top Margin Priority' option, set it as Printer. And try printing the report on both machines. The alignment now look exactly the same.

    Since my customer is not willing to change the printer, so just have to go through such tedious method :(.
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