Generation of a Second Number series in the Fixed Assets

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I have an Issue regarding Fixed asset table.My client has a requirement of pulling up a No. automatically for a Fixed Asset Tag No. along just lyk Fixed asset No. and he requires the two numbers in the system(I thought of convincing him with the default functionality available but was vein)

Just Like Creating a New Number from Assist Edit for the primary key ,Another number say Fixed Asset tag No. should be automatically picked up from the no. series table. i.e I have to add one more Assist edit Functionality in the same table for Fixed Asset Tag No.

I have done the part until Selection of new number and now a new number is automatically selected for fixed asset tag No just like fixed asset No.

But there are many issues like duplication should not be allowed and No. once assigned should not be modified.

As No. is primary key all the issues are taken care while it is getting inserted but My fixed asset Tag No. is not Standard key and everything has to be coded.

My question here is Can i Continue with the present process of putting a Assist Edit Functionality for Fixed Asset tag No. and continue with validations wherever required.

If it is not Suggestable,Can I find a better approach to solve this Issue.

Thanks In Advance


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    mstallmannmstallmann Member Posts: 138
    Is the Asset Tag number associated to the FA number in any way?

    Also, there is no property to insure a field is unique. You could add the code you talked about in the validate triggers. Another option, but maybe not the best way would be to add a constraint on SQL server (if using MS SQL) to insure it is unique.

    Maybe I am missing a requirement, but why not add a field in FA setup for Tag number. Instead of having the user select the no. series, just have it automatically assigned. Make this field non-editable and the uniqueness is pretty much solved.
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