Employee Portal to Replace Citrix

jungleboyjungleboy Member Posts: 48
Dear All,

I'm not familiar with Employee Portal and just started to explore it. One of my client would like to use this functionality to replace their current Citrix. Their intention is to use EP as their remote access tools for daily operation over different countries.

Just a question to you guys, would it be exactly the same functionality if we pull and create the transaction forms like GL journal, SO, PO and setup in EP? They want to use it globally and plan to abandone the Citrix due to speed issue.



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    ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,256
    Employee portal is meant to be used for occasional users. There are many limitations and I would rather look for another solution.
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    jungleboyjungleboy Member Posts: 48
    HI Ara3n,

    I did read some articles saying we can post the report for user to view. Also some form for data entry and viewing.
    I'm in the mist of installing it and see how comprehensive it is and its limitation.

    Anyone out there using EP now? Mind to share your opinion?

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