Double objects in backup

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Dear All,

When I took an backup from a database and restored it to another database I've noticed that all the tables are doubled
Look at this snapshot:
    Type ID Name Table 3 Payment Terms Table 4 Currency Table 5 Finance Charge Terms Table 6 Customer Price Group Table 7 Standard Text Table 8 Language Table 9 Country/Region Table 10 Shipment Method Table 13 Salesperson/Purchaser Table 14 Location Table 15 G/L Account Table 17 G/L Entry Table 18 Customer Table 1000000003 Payment Terms Table 1000000004 Currency Table 1000000005 Finance Charge Terms Table 1000000006 Customer Price Group Table 1000000007 Standard Text Table 1000000008 Language Table 1000000009 Country Table 1000000010 Shipment Method Table 1000000013 Salesperson/Purchaser Table 1000000014 Location Table 1000000015 G/L Account Table 1000000017 G/L Entry Table 1000000018 Customer
And this behavior is for all the tables. What went wrong? The backup procedure or the restore procedure, and what can I do about it? Note that the original database does not have the double tables.
Version is 5.0 SP1, client versions are also 5.0 SP1 but may differ in release no. due to hotfixes
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    JedrzejTJedrzejT Member Posts: 267

    Your backup is not fully restore.
    Try click restore again - Navision should end it (without asking for *.Fdb) if backup files is in the same place when you restore it. Maybe you have more than 1 backup file and forget about it, or database file is too small..
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    SogSog Member Posts: 1,023
    I used it to import objects, I'll see what happens when I restore to a new db.
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    gvolkovgvolkov Member Posts: 196
    Happened to me once. Additionally, client was not restoring the database all the way. I had to click Tools > Restore 2nd time for it to finish creating keys.
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