Item Charges to Kit BOM Output

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Is there any way where item charges can be applied to KIT BOM output?

We are having a scenario whereby when we purchase raw materials, all the raw materials are being sent out to our contractor for assembly purposes. When the finished goods is being produced, the stock is being delivered directly to end-customer. At the same time, the contractor will charge us assembly charges and other fees which is related to the production of the finished goods.

In our system, we set up one location as contractor. So when the raw material is delivered, it is being received into contractor location. When the finished good is produced, a bom journal is being posted so that the raw material will be drop and finished good will be increased at the contractor location. Then, we have to transfer the finished good to a store and post all the charges from the contractor.

My question is that how can i post the additional charges from contractor without doing the transfer of location? This is because the finished good should directly be sold off from the contractor location.


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    You can always post aditional charges for items which have allready been shipped. Create a new purchase invoice, put in the lines as item charges and assign them to the right wh-receipt or ship doc.
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    If items will be sold from contractors location, you need to transfer them there. You can use Transfer Orders to accomplish this. Then you can apply item charges to the Transfer Order.
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