Business Analytics for Nav 4.00

g_dreyerg_dreyer Member Posts: 123
Anyone have some documentation regarding how to use this? i.e. setting it up(cubes) in Nav (by example), and what software to use to query the cubes?

I know that you get the Targit software as well, do you still need that for version 4.00?

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    moh_baradamoh_barada Member Posts: 46
    yes my friend u still need to get the business analytics or target software which is the same to be able to draw this cub but there's a special version for 4.0 different than 3.7.
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    DEDEDEDE Member Posts: 15
    For Business Analytics for MBS-Navision 4.0, you can actually install a Basic version which will not require use of the Advanced analysis and reporting software - instead, you can use any client software supporting Microsoft Analysis Services to access the cubes created, e.g. Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Query).

    To harvest the full potential of Business Analytics, I would still recommend to use the Advanced part of BA, though - that is, Business Analytics Analysis! This is by far the most user friendly front-end application that you will find for Microsoft Analysis Services cubes.
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    g_dreyerg_dreyer Member Posts: 123

    Thank you for your responses!!

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    nostrannostran Member Posts: 106

    sorry for this really dumb one. i've got navision 4.0 installed on my computer with navision native database.

    the only thing i could see that was related to business analytics was in Administration- Application Setup- General - Business Analytics Setup

    where are the other screens??? do i need to install anything else separately?

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    DEDEDEDE Member Posts: 15
    "The only dumb question is the one not asked" ;-)

    If you do not see the BA forms when selecting Business Analytics Setup you probably either need another Navision license with BA granules - or you do not have the latest objects (fob file) for Navision!

    The latest Worldwide BA Beta is on http://www.targit.com/ba/navision40/. Here, you will find the latest fob and the BA installation (CD) image to go with it. You will need to import the fob first, then install the BA components. Please refer to the Quick Start document for details.

    Note that the current Beta version is for W1 only... and, as mentioned, you will need a license with BA granules (CRONUS license will let you use the BA forms).
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