Post to Totaling Account (NAV 2009 SP1)

almhansenalmhansen Member Posts: 117
I have a situation that I hope someone can help me with. I have a US company that has an investment in a non-US company. At this time, neither division is using NAV, although they will in the future. I am loading historical gl information into NAV so that going forward we can consolidate. So here is my problem. We have 4 retained earnings accounts:

Retained Earnings (Posting Account)
Retained Earnings (Subs) (Posting Account)
Current Year Retained Earnings (Total Account)
Current Year Retained Earnings (Subs) (Posting Account)

As I was loading the information, I had to do a correcting journal entry and posted $$ to a net income load account. What I really need to do is post to the Current Year Retained Earnings account to correct the issue, however this is a total account (dr CY Retained, cr Net Income Load). Is there a way that I can do this? I believe that once both divisions are in the system and the system is doing the consolidation, this will not be an issue, however I need to correct the books for the historical data.

Obviously I can create another posting account to fix this, but I'd rather not, unless I have no options.
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