Directory not accessible from Webservice

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In NAV2009 SP1 a webservice is created. From a VB2008 application the webservice is called with defaultcredentials = true.
The vb application creates a file and the url is passed through the webservice.
Everything works fine locally and on our own server.

Now we have installed it on the server of our customer.
They are working with Citrix, a SQL 2005 server on Windows Server 2008 and a fileserver. The webservice and NAV2009 are installed on the SQL server.

When using the vb application the url is passed through the webservice and the webservice is running.
This is checked with the internet explorer.

The webservice checks the existance of the file. Unfortunally the webservice says the directory and file does not exist.
With the same user the directory is accessible through the windows explorer.

Can somebody give me a hint?

Thanks in advance.


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