Stop posting to previous periods for Stock

Hi Everyone :)

Version NAV 2009 SP1

Right the problem is I want to close a period to users but I cannot becuase they need to post Purchase Invoices from goods received from a prevous month. I thought I would use Inventory periods, the issue is they have negative stock.

So how can users post a Purchase Invoice for goods received in a previous month (obvious the costs have been amended when invoice recived).



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    geronimogeronimo Member Posts: 90
    i suppose you cant just block them by using the date filters in the general ledger setup, the user setup or on the journals?

    what exactly do you want to block? The users posting new receipts or the invoicing of them in a previous period?
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    ADARTIHSADARTIHS Member Posts: 78
    Hi geronimo

    Thank you for your reply.

    I block them from posting to previous periods in the user setup table. For example.

    User allowed to post in 01/09/10 to 30/09/10

    They recieve a purchase invoice for september, they have already posted goods received in AUG. The invoice has a different price, that is amended then they try to post the invoice in SEP. The system will not let them because a value entry is required using an AUG posting date.

    I hope this makes more sense?


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    geronimogeronimo Member Posts: 90

    i just had a go in a standard 2009 SP1 database.

    i've put my workdate on 1 august and blocked posting through the general ledger setup to the month august.

    I made a new purchase order and received 10 items.

    then ive put my workdate to 1/09 and adjusted the blocking to the month september.

    ive made a new purchase invoice and went to functions get receipt lines. adjusted my pricing from 10 per unit to 12 per unit and posted the invoice.

    it registered without a problem.

    is there anything additional setup like automatic inventory posting to general ledger? Are you using item tracking?

    Is the situation i described above the correct one?
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